Headline was founded in 1986 with a single promise at its heart: to publish the books people want to read. Sometimes, the simplest ideas are best. Headline has spent over three decades creating books people want to read and our passion for the commercial means we are home to some of the UK’s biggest-selling authors and continue to invest in new talent with bestseller potential. Our nimble attitude towards the social reading era has allowed us to be playful with the format as never before and create digital bestsellers. Our spirit of entertainment thrives in a world where direct communication means we can talk to readers, booksellers and reviewers to show and spread our love for books, at the touch of a button. Headline will always represent a modern mindset and an energetic outlook. And always stand for best-in-class publishing. Headline Fiction understands readers, what drives them to buy and read books and where and how they read them. We publish the novels people really want to read; the books that keep them reading into the early hours, with worlds people want to escape to

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