Through social studies, children explore and ask questions about social systems, the abstract societal norms and values affecting human relationships and interactions in everyday life.

عرض 1–16 من أصل 24 نتيجة

Discover It Yourself: Rubbish and Recycling

3.250 د.ك

Six Weeks to Zero Waste: A simple plan for life

3.500 د.ك

Blueprint : The Evolutionary Origins of a Good Society

5.500 د.ك

Skogluft: Norwegian Secrets for Creating Forest Air in Your Home

7.500 د.ك

Big Stickers for Tiny Hands: Space

3.250 د.ك

Deeds Not Words : The Story of Women’s Rights – Then and Now

5.000 د.ك

The Little Book of Kindness : Connect with others, be happier, transform your life

2.750 د.ك

Lucy and Linh

1.000 د.ك

Solar System in Minutes

3.250 د.ك

The Brain in Minutes

3.250 د.ك

Quantum Physics in Minutes

3.250 د.ك

National Geographic Readers: Ibn al-Haytham: The Man Who Discovered How We See

3.000 د.ك

Genetics in Minutes

4.750 د.ك

A New World

4.750 د.ك

Encyclopedia of Animals

1.500 د.ك

Stormy Weather

3.750 د.ك