To homeschool means to educate children at home instead of sending them to a school, especially on a permanent or long-term basis. Homeschooled children are taught by homeschoolers (their parent or another guardian), and doing so is called homeschooling.

First Illustrated Grammar and Punctuation

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First Illustrated Thesaurus

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First Illustrated Dictionary and Thesaurus

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Computer Coding Projects For Kids: A Step-by-Step Visual Guide to Creating Your Own Scratch Projects

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My First Word Book About Food

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Illustrated English Thesaurus

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My First Story Writing Book

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Step-by-Step Drawing Animals

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Illustrated English Dictionary

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Shaped Sticker Books: My Pirate Adventure Backpack

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What’s the Point of School? : Rediscovering the Heart of Education

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See Inside Your Body

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English Essentials: What Everyone needs to Know About Grammar, Punctuation, and Usage

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