After completing my PhD in organic chemistry, I worked in R&D in the pharmaceutical industry, developing drugs for cardiovascular disease and cancer. Inspired by the placebo effect, and how some people’s conditions would improve because they believed a placebo was a real drug, I left the industry to write books and educate people in how they can harness their mind and emotions to improve their mental and physical health. I’m now author of 11 books, including the Amazon bestseller, ‘The Five Side Effects of Kindness’. I’m also a columnist, the ‘Kindness Tsar’ for Psychologies Magazine, and have been a featured guest on Channel 4’s, ‘Sunday Brunch Live’ in the UK and CBS Sunday Morning in the USA, as well as on several BBC radio shows and podcasts around the world. I’m also the honorary scientific advisor for the charity, 52 Lives. I’m an advocate for kindness and work passionately to inspire a kinder world.