National Geographic Kids (often nicknamed Nat Geo Kids) is a children’s magazine published by the National Geographic Society. Its first issue was printed in September 1975 under the original title National Geographic World (which itself replaced the much older National Geographic School Bulletin, published weekly during the school year from 1919 to 1975; currently National Geographic produces a separate magazine for classroom use called “National Geographic Explorer,” in four separate editions for different grades). The magazine was published for twenty-six years as National Geographic World until the title of the magazine was changed in 2002 to National Geographic Kids. In a broad sense, the publication is a version of National Geographic, the flagship magazine of the National Geographic Society, that is intended for children.

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This Book is Cute : The Science and Culture of Aww


Little Kids First Big Book of Why 2


My First Atlas of the World : A Child’s First Picture Atlas


Explorer Academy : The Nebula Secret

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National Geographic Kids Almanac 2019


Little Kids First Big Book of Things that Go


Weird But True Wild And Wacky Sticker Doodle Book


Remembering Diana: A Life in Photographs


Awesome 8 : 50 Picture-Packed Top 8 Lists!


Blue Zones Solution

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Reptiles and Amphibians


National Geographic Readers: Ibn al-Haytham: The Man Who Discovered How We See


National Geographic Kids Ponies and Horses Sticker Activity Book : Over 1,000 Stickers!


100 Things to Do Before You Grow Up


Reading and Vocabulary Focus


Weird But True 4 : 300 Outrageous Facts