All About Frankie… I was born in a town so small, that rather than listing the population figure on the city limit sign, we simply listed the citizen’s names. From there I joined the Army and spent three great years in Germany. It’s a beautiful country that everyone should visit if given the opportunity. However, I wouldn’t recommend joining the Army as a method of traveling there. After leaving the Army, I moved to San Antonio, Texas. I was now living in a city so large that the population figure would barely fit on the city limit sign. I soon went to work for a giant telecommunication company and served a long sentence there. Now through a strange twist of events I find myself writing full-time. Someone once told me that I should list my hobbies in order for my readers to get to know me better. Well, I’m one of those people who never met a hobby she didn’t like. It’s much easier for me simply to tell you that short of jumping out of a perfectly good plane, there’s not much I dislike. I live with an extraordinary woman, Martha Cabrera, extraordinary in the sense that she doesn’t mind my wild never-ending string of hobbies. We love to spend free weekends at the coast, fishing. I harbor a dream of someday catching a fish that’s actually bigger than my bait. I began writing when I was a kid. In my stories, the girls kept dumping the boys and running away with each other. This was a curiosity for me, since at that time; I had no idea what a lesbian was. Thankfully, the Army corrected that lapse in my education. You can imagine my surprise when I learned that not only was it all right to write these stories, but a place called Naiad Press would actually pay for them. Naiad Press published my first three novels: Rhythm Tide, Whispers in the Wind and Captive Heart. I moved over to Bella Books 2001.