“Library and information science (LIS) (or plural library and information sciences) is a branch of academic disciplines that deals generally with the organization, access, collection,

A Brief History of Time

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The President is Missing

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The Good Lieutenant

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See Inside Planet Earth

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Lift the Flap Questions and Answers about your Body

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See Inside Space

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It All Adds Up : The Story of People and Mathematics

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BodyWise : Discovering Your Body’s Intelligence for Lifelong Health and Healing

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Love for Imperfect Things : How to Accept Yourself in a World Striving for Perfection

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Girl Code : Unlocking the Secrets to Success, Sanity, and Happiness for the Female Entrepreneur

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Tell Me Why?

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Business Etiquette Of Arabia: Kuwait

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Six Weeks to Zero Waste: A simple plan for life

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TinkerActive Workbooks: 1st Grade Science

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Geography Encyclopedia

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How To : Absurd Scientific Advice for Common Real-World Problems from Randall Munroe of xkcd

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